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When you choose to donate
to Water Project for Haiti, you choose to:

  • Help an individual or family gain access to decades of clean, safe water.staff red
  • Provide employment to five full-time technicians, a lid maker, the person who sells the cement, sand, gravel, metal, tools, and everything else needed to manufacture biosand filters.
  • Provide income to those who are hired to deliver our raw materials.
  • Support the person who puts fuel in our vehicles.
  • Support the employment of part-time laborers when demand is high.
  • Pour into the economy of Haiti because everyone we pay then turns around and uses that money to buy food, clothing, books for school, etc., etc.

Are you seeing the pattern? Each donation goes far beyond "just" a water filter.

Though your $50 donation completely underwrites the cost of one biosand filter, the impact is far reaching.

Canadian Donors



Water Project for Haiti

Registered as: Water Project for Haiti

BN: 834626673RR0001



Cheques may be mailed to:

Water Project for Haiti

2601 43rd Avenue

Vernon, BC, V1T 3L1

U.S. Donors


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Donations received through the CGGC are tax deductible.

If the link does not work, please visit www.cggc.org -> Give -> Cross-Cultural -> Haiti -> Water Project (CC9350)


Checks may be mailed to: 

Water Project for Haiti

CGGC (CC9350)

PO Box 926

Findlay, OH 45839

Note: Checks MUST include the CC number to be properly credited to Water Project for Haiti


Charity Headquarters

Water Project for Haiti is an Okanagan Valley organization, based in Vernon BC, that provides water management solutions to the people of Haiti.

Tel: (808) 679-8189 (Board)
Fax: (866) 318-6598
Website: www.waterprojectforhaiti.com

Tel:  (509) 4316-1025 (Haiti)